ECTS Abstracts (2015) 1 P440

Evaluation of the Main Data of Inflammatory Response and Content of the Nuclear Factor-kB to the Base Therapy of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dudnyk Veronika & Vyzhga Yulia

Vinnitsya National Medical University, Vinnitsya, Ukraine.

The aim of our study was to estimate changes of the inflammatory response signs as well as content of NF-kB due to basic therapy of the JRA. At our study we had checked 68 children with JRA, among them we presented 32 boys and 36 girls that passed treatment in Vinnitsya regional clinical children’s hospital. The average duration of the disease in the group of the children we examined was 18,2±1,3 months. Laboratory-instrumental methods included routine studies as well as estimation of the main signs of inflammatory response activity – inflammatory cytokines in serum (Interleukin-1β and Interleukin-6), content of the nuclear facor-kB while using ELISA method. Currency of the JRA in children characterised with high increasing of the inflammatory response signs especially C-reactive protein (6,55(4,2;9,8)) mg/l, ?L-1β (7,3(3,5;11,9)) pg/l, ?L-6 (6,8(4,5;10,6)) pg/l and NF-kB (6,76 (4,8; 9,1)) pg/l, that are in correlative connections with clinical signs (number of the injured and swelled joints, evaluation of the general condition of the child according to doctors and own response) of the disease activity (rxy =+0,34 up to 0,62, p < 0,01). Due to the provided treatment between all examined children with JRA in 32 (47,0±5,1%) of the patients we got ACR 30 response, 23 (33,8±4,8%) achieved ACR 50 and in 4 (5,9±1,9%) estimated ACR 70 level. During the managing of the basic therapy in children with JRA we estimated decreasing of the IL-1β content in patients at the background of methotrexate administration (38,7±3,7%), at the second group with use of sulfasalazine (28,5±3,5%) and the third with leflunomide direction (29,1±5,1%), but significant decreasing of the ?L-6 content, that is one of the main inflammatory mediators and as well NF-kB was found just in group of the patients with methotrexate administration (on 36,3±3,8% and 32,4±2,4% for NF-kB).

Disclosure: The authors declared no competing interests.

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