ECTS Abstracts (2015) 1 P34

Changes in fase content of the biominerals in rat pelvic bone after 60-days' influence of the epychlorhidrine vapours and possible ways of its correction

Andrey Skorobogatov, Vladyslav Luzin & Asya Alyeva

SE «Lugansk state medical university», Lugansk, Ukraine.

Background: The aim was to study the reaction of the biomineral fractions in the pelvic bones of the rats of the different ages under the 60-days influence of the epychlorhidrine (E) vapours and possible correction by thiotriazoline (Th) and Echinacea Purpura (Ech) tincture.

Methods: Four hundred and twenty white male rats were divided into three groups including ages: young, reproductive, old. 1 group stay intact; in 2ndgroup – rats have the inhalations of the E at the dose 10 DL, 5 hours/daily; 3rd–4thgroups – rats were injected 2.5% Th at the daily dose 117.4 mg/kg or the Ech at the daily dose 0.1 mg per 100 g of the body weight orally. Experiment finished at the 1, 7, 15, 30 and 60 days via the decapitation of the rats. Pelvic bones were fractionised and revised by X-ray structure analysis. The content of the hydroxylapathite, vithlokite and calcite were measured. Data were processed by statistical analysis.

Results: After the E inhalations in young rats, the vithlokite and calcite content in bone mineral matrix were over the control rates by 9.15%–15.60%, in old rats – by 6.48% and 8.64%. The hydroxylapathite content exceed the control rates by the 4.95%, 5.20% and 3.12%. After the finish of the inhalations during the re-adaptation period in young and reproductive animals rats the biomineral status was improved to the control levels, and in old rats the biomineral content remained unimproved, but administration of Th or Ech obviously have modulated the biomineral status towards the reparation. Application of the Th during the E inhalations increased the crystallisation in the bone minerals through the whole re-adaptation period, administration of the Ech increase the mineralisation only temporary.

Conclusion: Administration of Th or Ech prevents the distortion of the bony biominerals after the 60-days’ influence of the epychlorhidrine vapours, but Th has more reparative potency.

Disclosure: The authors declared no competing interests.

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