ECTS Abstracts (2015) 1 P13

The analysis of the course of rheumatoid arthritis depending on the climatic and geographical zones of uzbekistan

Khalmurad Akhmedov & Nodir Sayfiyev

Tashkent Medical Academy, Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Background: Our aim was to retrospectively analyse the situation and structure of RA in different regions of Uzbekistan.

Method: For the analysis, extracts of clinical records of RA patients were used. Analysis was conducted and regions were divided conditionally into three geographical zones: zone I - Namangan, zone II - Surkhandarya and zone III - Khorezm region.

Results: Course of RA in three various climatic and geographical zones have a certain distinction. So, in zone III, indicators such as the tendency to progression of the disease over the past 3 years was dominated with Default 83.4%; while the frequency of cases with a need for hospitalisation in one year was 67% and there was a high rate on existence of seropositive results with the point of 75%. In zone II manifestation of the disease in the majority of patients had an earlier age - 48% of all cases, changes in reproductive system, i.e. the women with RA within a year most often addressed with the problems associated with a menstrual a cycle violations– 65%, while this figure was only 17% and 28% for zone III and zone I, accordingly. In zone II - in 36.4% of women spontaneous abortion occurred, whereas 26.7% of female patients registered with secondary amenorrhea, when in 73.3% of women a various types of menstrual irregularities were the case. In contrast, zone I distinguished itself by a relatively low (positive) performance compared with other zones. However, in this zone, at the majority of patients (59%) the manifestation of the disease was characterised by a gradual deterioration of a patient’s condition.

Conclusion: The retrospective analysis demonstrated that clinical and epidemiological parameters of RA are different in the three zones of Uzbekistan, which does not exclude the probability of the impact of climatic and geographical factors on the course of a disease.

Disclosure: The authors declared no competing interests.

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