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Differences in volumetric bone mineral density (vBMD) at the radius and tibia in premenopausal caucasian, South Asian and Arab women

Ohood Hakim1,2, Andrea Darling3, Laura Tripkovic3, Louise Wilson3, Kathryn Hart3, Jacqueline Berry4 & Susan Lanham-New3

1King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; 2Gachon University, Seoul, Republic of Korea; 3University of Surrey, Guildford, UK; 4University of Manchester, Manchester, UK.

Current studies on ethnicity bone health indicate Middle-Eastern females are at high risk of low bone density among premenopausal groups.1 However, limited data is available regarding the young female groups with comparison to other ethnic populations. This study is a follow up measurement where pQCT scans of Arab females have been measured and compared with older pQCT scans to investigate the differences between volumetric bone mineral density (vBMD) between Caucasian (C), South Asian (SA), and Arab (A) women. Fifty-seven healthy premenopausal women (22 C, 19 SA and 16 A), age range 18-55 yrs, were studied. Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography (pQCT) measurements were taken at the radius and tibia (non-dominant) using a Stratec XCT 2000 pQCT scanner. The table below shows the results of vBMD at 4% and 66% radius; 4%, 14%, and 38% tibia in C, SA and A women.

Caucasian (n=22)South Asians (n=19) Arab (n=16)
pQCT 4% radiusTOT_DEN (mg/cm3)315.6 (45.3)312.1 (45.6)303.1 (50.3)
TRAB_DEN (mg/cm3)178.9 (35.5)175.3 (37.2)171.6 (31.6)
PQCT 66% radiusTOT_DEN (mg/cm3)746.6 (86.3)768.8 (85.9)709.7 (65.4)
CORT_DEN (mg/cm3)1134.7 (38.4)1126.3 (42.5)1111.6 (47.0)
pQCT 4% tibiaTOT_DEN (mg/cm3)303.3 (31.7)b343.6 (53.4)a278.6 (32.4)b
TRAB_DEN (mg/cm3)228.7 (29.2)272.4 (66.9)205.1 (37.2)
pQCT 14% tibiaTOT_DEN (mg/cm3)571.6 (117.4)495.5 (92.1)552.8 (131.2)
CORT_DEN (mg/cm3)1135.6 (24.4)b1095.0 (65.5)a1143.1 (19.4)b
pQCT 38% tibiaTOT_DEN (mg/cm3)903.6 (76.9)856.8 (85.2)862.5 (65.9)
CORT_DEN (mg/cm3)1179.8 (19.4)1160.9 (53.3)1187.3 (26.9)
Cells within a row with different superscript letters are significantly different. Data expressed as the mean (SD); Abbreviations: TOT_DEN, total density; TRAB_DEN, trabecular density; CORT_DEN, cortical density. SA had significantly higher total density at 4% tibia than C and A women but significantly lower cortical density at 14% tibia site than C and A women. There were no significance differences in vBMD observed between the ethnic groups in radius sites (not shown in the table). However, at 4% radius, Caucasian women had significant higher bone mass (p<0.01) and total area (p<0.05) and trabecular area (p<0.05) than SA and A women. Our novel findings for differences in the radius and tibia sites C, SA, and A premenopausal women require further investigations, particularly with respect to future fracture risk.

Disclosure: The authors declared no competing interests. The data collection was supported by the author’s scholarship from their sponsor at King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah Saudi Arabia.


1. Saadi HF, et al., (2001) East Mediterr Health J. 730–737.

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